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TMA AGM 2019 24 March 2019, 21:03pm

    March 14, 2019 To: TMA Members Re: TMA AGM Wednesday 11 April, 2019 In accordance with the TMA Constitution we are obliged to hold an AGM once a… Read more »

Tractor Sales plunge further as drought continues 13 March 2019, 21:03pm

February has seen another sharp drop in sales of Agricultural Equipment across the nation as the drought in the Eastern States continue to impact industry confidence. Reported Sales were 14%… Read more »

Another tough year ahead for Tractor Sales 10 February 2019, 23:02pm

What began as a slow down in the market midway through 2018 has now turned into a widespread state of decline for Agricultural Machinery sales in Australia. The Industry struggled… Read more »

2018 Tractor Sales 4% down on last year 10 January 2019, 00:01am

Sales of Agricultural tractors have finished the year down 4.1% on last year concluding what has been a challenging year for suppliers and dealers, particularly in the Eastern States. There… Read more »