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Further declines in Ag Equipment Sales  08 December 2019, 22:12pm

Agricultural tractors have suffered another large decline down 16% compared to November last year and are now 11% behind last year. The full year picture is now down to a… Read more »

TMA Agriview Business Sentiment Survey – November 2019 02 December 2019, 01:12am

Dealers report difficult trading conditions remain. Please find more detail in the attached information. TMA Business Barometer Exec. Summary Nov 2019   TMA BBSurvey Nov 2019  

TMA Agriview Business Sentiment Survey – September 2019 10 October 2019, 00:10am

AU Prelim Report SEP 2019 Results of September Business Sentiment Survey.

Tractor Sales show some resilience in September  09 October 2019, 23:10pm

After what has been a series of bad news stories, Tractor sales strengthened somewhat in September rising 3.3% against last September but remain around 11% behind last year on a… Read more »