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Another Bright Year Ahead for Tractor Sales – January 2018 12 February 2018, 00:02am

Following on from what has been an outstanding 2 year run, sales of Agricultural tractors experienced another bump in January as conditions remain stable across the key markets. Overall sales… Read more »

Farm Institute: P2D Digital Agriculture Summary Report 01 February 2018, 00:02am

P2D Summary Report and Technical Reports are now available to download by clicking on the link on the registration webpage:

Automated Vehicles NTC Australia 31 January 2018, 23:01pm

This week the National Transport Commission (NTC) has released the following: Assuring the safety of automated vehicles policy paper Clarifying control for automated vehicles policy paper National enforcement guidelines for… Read more »

John Deere – The Gator Utility Recall Notice 25 January 2018, 01:01am