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Don’t take your local dealer for granted. 19 August 2014, 00:08am

20 years ago there were approximately 2000 farm machinery dealerships scattered throughout Australia selling over 10,000 new tractors each year, many of which were small family businesses with one outlet,… Read more »

Where to next for Farm Machinery Technology? 19 August 2014, 00:08am

The advent of affordable GPS solutions for Australian agricultural machinery has advanced the productivity of Australian farmers over the past 20 years more than any other product. The ability to… Read more »

Machinery Investment and Costs – Fact Sheet 19 June 2014, 01:06am

Southern Region MACHINERY INVESTMENT AND COSTS Investment in technology-enhanced machinery has provided significant productivity gains for grain growers over the last 10 years. However, determining the appropriate level of machinery… Read more »

Market Update 19 June 2014, 00:06am

May saw a dramatic drop in new tractor sales to almost a 20% decline month on month. Primarily driven by the under 60 horsepower range, it goes to show that… Read more »