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What did you say? 02 August 2017, 06:08am

This year, with our sponsor Hardman Communications, we tried something new – live polling alongside our speaker sessions. The polls were well received and the insights, encouraging. Here are the… Read more »

Key Conference Takeaways 02 August 2017, 06:08am

It was exciting and encouraging to hear the great insights presented during the conference and the discussions sparked as a result. From a crowd favourite at our conferences – the… Read more »

What the budget means for us 06 June 2017, 04:06am

While the budget delivered last month didn’t propose any game-changers for the Australian machinery industry, it did have some initiatives that could see benefits for manufacturers, dealers and regional businesses…. Read more »

The new digital marketplace 06 June 2017, 04:06am

The way farmers purchase equipment is changing, especially in the used equipment sector. Ten years ago, the average buyer would visit five dealer showrooms when researching and buying a piece… Read more »