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Victorian Tractor & Trailer Registration

By: Richard Lewis, Executive Director TMA

Posted by Mim Monkivitch, 23rd February 2015

To: Victorian Road users of Tractors and Farm Machinery

Re: Display of registration on Tractors and Trailers

 Recent events over the 14/15 summer months has seen some users of farm equipment fined for incorrect display of registration plates on tractors and towed implements on Victorian roads.

The TMA has contacted Vic Roads for clarification on this issue and have confirmed with Vic Roads the following requirements…

  • All registered tractors (both Primary producer and commercial registration) need to display the number plate on both the front and rear of the tractor
  • Vic Roads understands that sometimes it is not practical to display the front plate 1 meter above the ground and centered on the vehicle, and therefore concedes that the front number plate may need to be mounted in a different location, although clearly displayed, such as the roof of the tractor or offset from the front of the tractor
  • When towing an implement on Victorian roads such as a baler, there is a requirement that a copy of the number plate in attached to the rear of the trailer in clear sight – this can be in the form of a temporary sign that has the number plate identification clearly replicated.

These laws are not new and are not overly onerous in our opinion, however there needs to be a widespread understanding of what is required.

Any one unsure of what to do is advised to contact their local branch of Vic Roads to seek clarification.