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Membership strength of the TMA

Posted by Marlo Dutton, 14th February 2014

This month we have sent out our renewal notices to all our TMA members and sadly one or two companies have not renewed their membership which is very unfortunate. This issue begs a bigger question of why are we members of the TMA? Of course we all want to get something out of it for ourselves whether that be networks, advice, information, etc., however the bigger picture for members is to actually have an organisation that represents their interests.

In today’s world of business, every dollar counts and most organisations like the TMA are losing members each year, however I am happy to report that we are actually growing. Our members have grown each year for the past few years as more and more companies become involved in some way shape or form of supplying farm machinery to the Australian agricultural market. For those that are wondering what bang they get for their buck, pick up a newspaper or magazine from last year and there is a good chance the TMA is in there talking about our industry and the challenges we face. Have a chat to the regulators such as Worksafe or VicRoads, you will find they are engaged with the TMA and look to us for advice on issues relating to farm machinery. Ask the field day coordinators about the support and advice the TMA provides them in trying to improve the field days around the country. Although there is no “gorilla in the room” to deal with like has happened in the past, rest assured that the TMA – your TMA –  is working hard to advance the industry across all levels of the economy.

We are very proud of our membership and appreciate your continued support and participation in our long-standing organisation and remember to save the date of our conference 22nd July 2014 at the MCG.