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Dealers: If you’re with them you’re with us

Posted by Mim Monkivitch, 22nd March 2016


The Tractor and Machinery Association is working hard to ensure our industry is well represented in the agribusiness sector. We represent manufacturers, importers, dealers and affiliated companies working in the agricultural machinery industry. Our three main roles are:

1. To track and record sales of new tractors, combines and balers through our service partner Agriview, and promote these numbers nationally to the wider audience.

2. To promote our industry through Field Day awards, press commentary and physical presence to push the merits of the ag machinery industry farmer groups, students and the broader public.

3. To ensure regulators are aware of current trends and changes in the machinery used on farm and on roads. We engage with relevant road authorities, OH&S regulators and governments at all levels to guarantee our requirements are met.

As you can see, our work is across a range of issues and we include dealers in our thinking and actions. We have dealer representation on the Board and our Annual Conference is aimed at dealers as much as anyone.

As a franchised dealer, we have included you in our membership group at no charge and invite you to contact us for any issues you feel need investigation. We ask for no membership fee, however would seek you support in attending our National Conference in Melbourne on Tuesday July 19th at the MCG.

Please get in touch so we can include you on our database and newsletter distribution by sending an email to or give us a call anytime on 03 9867 4289.


Richard Lewis

Executive Director