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TMA/Agriview Business Barometer Survey Results – August 2021 14 September 2021, 03:09am

TMA Business Barometer Survey Results August 2021    

Tractor Sales at levels previously unseen in Australia. 08 September 2021, 02:09am

  The month of August has been another outstanding one for tractor sales across the nation with a rise of 40% on the same month last year. This now sees… Read more »

Tractor Sales growth continues in earnest. 09 August 2021, 00:08am

The new Financial Year has seen a continuation of the outstanding growth in tractor sales across the country with July recording a 19% increase on the same month last year…. Read more »

Tractor Sales finish the year on a high 08 July 2021, 03:07am

  Sales of agricultural tractors have exceeded 15,800 units sold for the financial year ended June which is a full 29% ahead of the previous year following a 1% increase… Read more »